Get ahead of your asthma

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Introducing RespiTrak

RespiTrak is a revolutionary asthma management smartphone app to make tracking your asthma easy.

Designed and developed in New Zealand.

Get ahead of your asthma and subscribe online today to receive a FREE RespiTrak Peak Flow device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth.


Get ahead of the Asthma curve with smarter, safer and more streamlined technology

Smart technology streamlines and simplifies daily symptom, wellness and peak flow recordings.
Results are saved and evaluated to provide you with actionable insights.

Designed and built in New Zealand.

Get ahead of your asthma

Record your progress

Follow a simple, Three step check-in to record your progress and recognize potential dips in your asthma wellness so you can act quickly.


Sharable Long Term Results

Track your peak flow readings from your smartphone and share the results with the people who need to know, like your GP. Sharing results means you can work with the healthcare professionals advising you to make more accurate health decisions.


Smart Peak Flow Reading

Take your peak flow reading from your new device! The RespiTrak Peak Flow Meter comes FREE when you subscribe to the RespiTrak app. Simply sign up online to subscribe, download the app and we will ship the RespiTrak Peak Flow Meter directly to you. Once it arrives track your peak flow from your mobile phone.


Ready to get ahead?


All around us there is an increasing number of new digital technologies cropping up to help manage our health – such as mobile apps, smart watches and smart medical devices. Research shows that these solutions can help empower people to get ahead of their health.

Dr Amy Hai Yan Chan
BPharm(Hons ), PhD

University of Auckland, New Zealand