RespiTrak Primary Partners

RespiTrak Primary Partners programme invites GP clinics
and community healthcare providers to join.

Proudly Made in New Zealand

RespiTrak Primary Partners Programme

Streamlined Asthma Management | Te Whakahaere Mate Huangō Māmā

Respitrak is a complete asthma support system, designed to help clinicians to help their patients better manage their asthma while reducing load on the primary health sector.

With the RespiTrak Primary Partners programme we make the full Premium plan available to your patients with a number of exclusive advantages.

Following are the levels of RespiTrak available;

  • RespiTrak Free
    • Access to the app, but the Peak Flow meter needs to be bought separately.
    • Auto Monthly reports (no personal input)
  • RespiTrak Premium
    • Access to the app
    • Peak flow meters included
    • 2 x telehealth appointments with our clinician per year
    • Clinical review and insight on the monthly reports
    • Access to an email respiratory helpline
  • RespiTrak Community Premium (Contact Us)
    • Designed for top-tier support for vulnerable communities
    • All Premium features plus:
    • 2 extra telehealth appointments per year (total of 4)
    • In person respiratory and sleep training sessions for the administering community organisation
    • In person rep visit for training and support guaranteed at least once per month, and on demand.
  • RespiTrak White Label (Contact us)
    • Your own app, a unique branded instance of the RespiTrak system
    • Full training and support
    • You administer and own the app

RespiTrak is a forward-thinking blend of technology and traditional clinical care empowering asthma and respiratory disease management.  We can take a load off your practice while not taking your patients off you!

RespiTrak has additional bonus features which are continuously developing and adding in response to our users needs. These include a forecast of the day, pollen sensor and intelligent wellness predictors that more closely monitor your asthma.

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Digital Peak Flow Recordings

RespiTrak blends the digital world with the clinical.

Peak flow series graphs, mapped alongside medication usage, perceived wellness and symptoms enable at-a-glance understanding of a patient's respiratory state.

Backed by leading Respiratory Science

Evidence from respiratory researchers around the world has shown that there is value in using digital technologies to support asthma.


A recent Cochrane review led by authors from New Zealand, showed that using digital technologies to manage asthma improved medication use and  potentially halved the risk of asthma attacks


Our team is committed to using the most up-to-date research to inform our product development, and we work closely with clinical and research institutions to achieve this


Diverse Applications

RespiTrak is not just for asthmatics. There are around 700,000 kiwi's who live with a respiratory condition.

RespiTrak provides a platform to easily record, chart and analyse symptoms to determine lung function.

Aiding both prevention and treatment for healthcare professionals supporting patients with respiratory conditions.

Future Pollen Reporting

We are the exclusive partner of New Zealand's first intelligent pollen sensor. This technology is being built in to our RespiTrak app of a new AI-powered pollen sensor network.

RespiTrak plans to deploy at least 12 pollen sensors at strategic location sites throughout New Zealand to gather pollen data and provide this information to app end-users.

Pollen counts can be provided across industries, from medical professionals, to weather forecasters and through to the agricultural industry.

These sensors produce hourly reports using data from a 30km radius, and can report up to 100 km radius daily.  Also able to detect other airborne contaminants such as dust and woodsmoke.

Proudly Made in New Zealand

How the RespiTrak app works

Download the RespiTrak app

Once you subscribe online you will receive full exclusive access to the app. Available for download on the Apple and Google Play Store.